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Village Vitality's Free Healthy Eating Recipe Book

Have you ever gotten motivated to start eating healthy?  You think “Maybe I’ll start making smoothies!” You get motivated... Then really excited... and… BOOM! A wall.

What kind of protein? Which fats are good fats? Which carbohydrates are ok? What ingredients should I use? Is this recipe healthy or does it contain hidden nutritional landmines?

It can all get confusing. Luckily, you don’t have to look any further.

“Eating For Real” is a free, downloadable e-book by Village Vitality.  This is a compilation of recipes developed by our expert staff to help you enjoy eating healthy.  Recipes to help you get through the day, feel healthy, satisfied, and happy.

What's Inside?

Custom, homemade recipes created and developed by the pharmacists, dietitians, and foodies of Village Vitality.

We understand that we are human and sometimes would like a treat. Just for fun, keep a look out for recipes tagged “Naughty List”.  Because sometimes, lots of chocolate is good.

Our recipes include Smoothies, Bars, Snacks, and Sides.  Smoothies can be for meal replacement, working out, and some can even be therapeutic.  We made our own in-house Protein and Energy bar, so check out the Bars section.  Snacks and sides can be healthy, unique options for your next party.

In case you wanted to know what the gang looks like, we have pictures of our staff, info on our stores, and a section all about our services.

A Living, Growing Recipe Book

This is going to be an evolving, multi-phase project for us and for you.  Currently, we’re in Phase 1.  Phase 1 is about 20 recipes, mostly smoothies, to help get you going.

In the next phases, we will be bringing many more recipes.   We’ll also cover our favorite brands for cooking, teaching you what to look for while shopping, and how to use key ingredients to make a big, healthy difference in your food.

We’ll dive into supplement ingredients – why we like certain forms or brands and the benefits you can expect from them.

We even have plans to add nutritional facts and demo videos!  This e-book will come alive!

Welcome to “Eating for Real”.

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