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Formulating therapeutic grade herbs is a complex process that requires diligence and a commitment to quality over the bottom line. Gaia Herbs is not just your run of the mill herbal company, they are an industry leader in herbs - from sustainable growth and harvesting to formulation and quality control to research. Gaia Herbs is the standard that most herb companies fall dramatically short of.

Gaia Herbs is the most transparent company in the natural products industry. The “Meet Your Herbs” program is a radically open-door offering by Gaia that allows consumers to learn more about their specific product. See the test results of each batch, where the herb was grown, how it was extracted, even who worked on that batch!

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Gaia’s commitment to quality cannot be highlighted enough. No other company has invested so much money and time into making sure there products are manufactured properly and free of contaminants and adulteration.


As a company, they make the world a better place, starting with their employees and the community. They invest a tremendous amount of money and employee hours into making their community better, and improving the lives of their employees. Everything from free produce for employees and food pantries, to helping hard on their luck tobacco farmers switch to growing herbs, giving them a stable income and a better future.

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  • They start with whole herbs for everything they make. They do not buy powder from suppliers.
  • They grow 65-70 percent of everything they sell each year.
  • Their manufacturing facility is the most advanced herbal manufacturing facility in the world.
  • Their method of quality controls eliminates the possibility of adulteration.
  • They do not use any solvents like hexane, acetone, ethylene dichloride. They only use alcohol, water, olive oil, glycerine, and carbon dioxide as extraction agents
  • Their commitment to sustainability. They make sure what they buy from other growers or harvesters is done responsibly. They do not buy endangered species of herbs or over harvested herbs. They are also working to help improve the industry as whole with sourcing.

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