Who Can You Trust

A Recent Study Highlights the Dangers of Soliciting Advice From Supplement Retailers

It is ESSENTIAL that supplement advice come from well educated, accountable people who are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of natural products in the treatment of disease or optimization of health and wellness.

One of our favorite studies to talk about is a study published n the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2010.  It was a well-done study that compared advice at over 192 health food stores and 56 pharmacies across Canada.  Their findings:  88% of the time, answers given by staff in health food stores were either based on NO science (6%) or poorly supported by literature (82%).  In pharmacies, the number was as high as 27%.

Village Vitality's Conclusion

We were not surprised at the results of the study.  Health food store sales people are rarely professionals or health experts. And, health food stores generally promote and sell products that are popular or have high profit margins.

Virtually no health food stores have a person assigned to vet the quality of the products they sell or the advice they give. Although pharmacies did better at providing advice, we don't think that "being fairly accurate or inaccurate 27% of the time" is something to aspire towards. We set our standards a lot higher than that.

How do the results of this study affect you?

Not only are consumers getting bad information and advice, but the results of this misinformation may be adversely affecting your health - especially if you are taking medications. 

Just this February (2015), 4 major retailers’ own herbal supplements were shown to have no active ingredients.   Therefore, you not only have to contend with bad information, but also with the quality, purity and safety of the supplements and vitamins you buy. 

The Village Vitality Difference

Not only do we employ a full-time product director who scrupulously vets all supplements and vitamins we sell, but Village Vitality only hires registered dietitians and health experts that (wherever possible) use credible, research-based evidence to support all recommendations we make.

In addition, we provide free in-depth consults (up to one hour) so we can better understand your health history, interests and needs before we consider making any recommendations.

No other pharmacy, health food or vitamin store in the U.S. consistently maintains our rigorous, high standards regarding the supplements/vitamins we carry; the people we hire; the information and advice they offer.